About the blog

This blog is a space for my thoughts. It serves as a reservoir for my musings and offers a tranquil space to encapsulate my thoughts and unburden my mind. It brings me peace. Perhaps someday, it can potentially be helpful to some readers. For now, it simply helps me clear up some headspace and share my thoughts with my audience.


Like most people, my thoughts and I are evolving. So, the content here will also evolve, as it should, sometimes through edits and sometimes through new essays. Rest assured that whenever it happens, I will mention the previously not-so-correct thoughts and the reasons for the shift in perspective.


I'm not claiming to be an expert on anything – not animal welfare, not the workings of the developing world, and certainly not startups, with the exception of my life and my company. So, these unfiltered thoughts of mine are open to changes and suggestions. If anything is refuted by some well-cited research, a meta-analysis, or a leading expert, I encourage and request you to drop a comment or contact me. Your input will not only prompt a revision but also warrant due credit for the refinement.


Fact-checking is a collaborative endeavor. Fact-checking of any sort is always welcome in the comments and will lead to appropriate action. Any inaccuracies will be rectified promptly with credit. You can contact me for these as well.


Sometimes, I cannot cite the exact source due to my busy life as a founder and animal welfare volunteer, as I would have to go and find it. I typically spend just a few tens of minutes writing each essay. Rather than plagiarize, I would still err on the side of casually and vaguely mentioning who I remember the source to be. If I am confused, I might attribute it to a couple of people who might have said it or the organization that I feel the source must have belonged to. In such scenarios, I apologize to the person being incorrectly attributed or the person not being attributed. I assure you that the intentions are correct, and I request the readers to leave the source in the comments or my inbox in such cases. I'd update the essay and credit you with the source (citation for the citation!).


Agian, dure to the reaons mentinoed abvoe, ther emay be typos or grammatical erorrs. Once agian, corrextions through the commments or ibnox are more than welocme.


I have also not read as many books as I would've liked. Childhood was filled with fiction and Wikipedias, and college life involved just the textbooks. After a brief two years, starting in 2020, when I read seventy-one books from various genres, I am now back to focusing mainly on entrepreneurship-related books. The same applies to podcasts, articles, news, social media – you name it. So, if what I write seems like common knowledge, old news, well-accepted, or concretely refuted, trust that I might not be aware of that. In that case, please (you guessed it) leave a comment or contact me and educate me! Hopefully, a day will come when I can absorb more of the knowledge that this world offers, refining what I write.


If you stumble upon something here that sounds controversial, I can assure you it's not. Nothing here is meant to spark an issue in any community. This isn't a platform for stirring up trouble.

That's it! This page serves as a heads-up about what you'll find here. It's not to cover my tracks, dodge criticism, or protect myself from any wrath, but just to correctly set the expectations and to place some requests. No matter how hard one tries, the social media storms shall come :). But I don't mind being questioned or educated.